Woman Bombarded With Chewbacca Calls After Ex Shares Number

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Lady Bombarded With Chewbacca Roar Calls After Angry Ex Shares Her Number

An Australian girl was deluged with prank telephone calls with others booming like Chewbacca after the woman bitter ex uploaded her telephone number on a public flyer. Jessica, from Cairns in North Queensland, mentioned the woman ex had been plainly hoping to get revenge on the after she dumped him following their three-year union and describes the step as “the
most childish break up
I have ever endured.”

  1. Here is the peak of pettiness.

    Jessica’s ex posted a flyer advertising the chance to win $100 for the best Chewbacca impersonation. All that they had to-do was actually phone the number noted and roar just like the regular

    Celebrity Wars

    character to stay with a shot. However, the amount listed ended up being Jessica’s, and she didn’t come with idea what was happening initially.

  2. Jessica is being absolutely deluged by telephone calls.

    “All he had accomplish ended up being state ‘I do not love you any longer, I wanna proceed,” Jessica mentioned of the woman ex. “i am obtaining telephone calls at actually peculiar many hours from the night about one o’clock to about four-o’clock, eh,” she informed 9News. I thought it actually was quite amusing actually, I thought it had been an effective laugh.” But she’s acquiring fed up with the calls coming in at late hrs, waking up the woman children.

  3. That is not really the only crappy action her ex makes.

    The Chewbacca calls happened to be minimal of Jessica’s ex’s petty activities. He in addition eliminated the tires of his own automobile and kept it within her driveway to prevent the woman in, top the woman to get the regulators involved. “the authorities had gotten touching me personally and finally they’re going to do something about it,” she said.

  4. As stupid as this is, it really is very entertaining.

    You have to confess that whilst it’s incredibly immature and petty to own men and women call your ex lover to-do Chewbacca impersonations, it is also really funny. Also Jessica watched the entertaining area to it to start with. I don’t recommend achieving this by any means, but I am able to no less than laugh because it’s not myself having the phone calls!

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